Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Our Vision

Zambon is committed to innovating cure&care to improve patients’ lives

Our values

Integrity, honesty, people care and humbleness are our values 

We are committed to work as a unique COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE with common goals and values. It’s thanks to our sense of belonging that we have achieved and will continue achieving extraordinary results.

We are anchored to our values in order to imagine, design and realize the future

Since 1906 our history is testament to our stability, derived from strong, deep foundations that guide Zambon in renewing itself and guiding changes to better tackle increasingly diverse business scenarios.

Zambon's values reflect who we are, and they are the foundation and distinctive symbol of our company. When we sign off on our work, we affirm our ongoing commitment and responsibility in relation to taking care of people’s health.

Benvivere Piano Zambon


Benvivere is the philosophy that guides Zambon to be a place for both professional and personal growth, where quality of life is at the center.

Our values are:

  • INTEGRITY: We live in a manner that's consistent with our deeply-held beliefs: being loyal and working together, transforming ethical values into concrete actions. 

  • HONESTY: Operating and communicating in a sincere, correct and transparent manner, without compromise.

  • PEOPLE CARE: We take care of, respect and pay attention to people who, both today and in the past, contribute their work and efforts to the development of this company, embracing the riches of diversity.

  • HUMBLENESS: An essential component of curiosity and knowing how to listen in order to open up, understand and achieve progress.

We ask all our staff and partners to internalize these values that make up our DNA in their professional behavior every day, in order to endure and confront the future and change with a positive attitude.


Our Behaviours

We have chosen four behaviors that guide and unite all our collaborators in their daily work:

ACCOUNTABILITY - We perform with courage, trust and ownership

INNOVATION - We encourage new ways to address challenges 

FOCUS - We concentrate on a few, sharp and high impact objectives

AMBITION - We dare to think big, act boldly and go beyond 

Fiscal Policy

For the Zambon Group, tax risk management and all related work processes are of the utmost importance

The Fiscal Policy defines the objectives and the approach adopted by Zambon to manage tax variables; it has been approved by the Board of Directors and made available to every stakeholder in compliance with company regulations.

our focus

Our focus

During the following years we will continue investing in research, studying products and new solutions, assessing partnerships and specific products of both industrial and commercial matter, which bring the well-being of the patient to the center.


Work with us

People are the most important asset in our company. We are open and meritocratic: we acknowledge personal skills, develop talents, build on capabilities.