Our values

Our values

Our values

Integrity, honesty, people care and humbleness are our values 

We are a pharmaceutical multinational designed to be forward-thinking, yet founded on the history and values of an innovative Italian company. Integrity, honesty, people care and humbleness are part of our DNA and determine the way that we work, manage our business and grow. 

We are anchored to our values in order to imagine, design and realize the future

Since 1906 our history is testament to our stability, derived from strong, deep foundations that guide Zambon in renewing itself and guiding changes to better tackle increasingly diverse business scenarios.

Zambon's values reflect who we are, and they are the foundation and distinctive symbol of our company. When we sign off on our work, we affirm our ongoing commitment and responsibility in relation to taking care of people’s health.

Our values are:

  • INTEGRITY: We live in a manner that's consistent with our deeply-held beliefs: being loyal and working together, transforming ethical values into concrete actions. 
  • HONESTY: Operating and communicating in a sincere, correct and transparent manner, without compromise.
  • PEOPLE CARE: We take care of, respect and pay attention to people who, both today and in the past, contribute their work and efforts to the development of this company, embracing the riches of diversity.
  • HUMBLENESS: An essential component of curiosity and knowing how to listen in order to open up, understand and achieve progress.

We ask all our staff and partners to internalize these values that make up our DNA in their professional behavior every day, in order to endure and confront the future and change with a positive attitude.

Values Story

A new way of thinking and acting in order to integrate values into the company strategy

The Zambon Ethical Code expresses a way of thinking and, above all, a way of acting in order to integrate ethical and professional values into everyday life and into the company strategy. Always keeping in mind these principles, shared by everyone, we want to translate ethical values into concrete actions. 


Work with us

We are a company that is open and meritocratic; we acknowledge personal skills and abilities in talent development, and we take care of our staff and appreciate their worth every day. People are the most important growth factor for our company.