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Life at Zambon


We want people who make the difference through a make-it-happen approach based on company ethics. We recognize merits, developing talents and taking good care of our people.

Our Behaviours

Our Behaviours

We have chosen four behaviors that guide and unite all our collaborators in their daily work:

ACCOUNTABILITY - We perform with courage, trust and ownership

INNOVATION - We encourage new ways to address challenges 

FOCUS - We concentrate on a few, sharp and high impact objectives

AMBITION - We dare to think big, act boldly and go beyond 

Zambon Values

Zambon Values

The way we work is founded on the values of IntegrityHonestyPeople caring and Humbleness.

Our Leadership Style

Our Leadership Style

Zambon leaders want to be bravepositivesupportive and do what they say, leading by example and enabling people to grow in building the Zambon of tomorrow.


“Please remember that this is also a stage where we have to stay close to our people, provide them with guidance and support on what to do, what to prioritize and how to behave. Sharing timely and reliable communications is crucial in a moment when trusted sources of information like Zambon leaders can really make the difference” - Roberto Tascione (CEO Zambon Pharma)



Launched over a decade ago, Benvivere embodies the Zambon mindset of ‘taking care of our people’, through a world of activities, services and projects whose aim is to spread positive energy and wellbeing.

It portrays our way of being and experiencing the Company as a place of personal and professional growth, that nurtures a shared sense of belonging and amplifies the strong identity of our open community.

Benvivere activities

Our Activities

Zambon For Kids:

Design of a Summer Camp dedicated to employees children in the company spaces, with courses aimed at ensuring the continuity of learning and the diversification of activities, in a pedagogically protected context suitable for encouraging the sociability of children.

Zambon For Others

Suggestions from colleagues on voluntary initiatives with external entities of solidarity, social participation and active citizenship to share and enhance the philosophy of taking care of people within our community.

First Aid Course

Training sessions edited by a colleague volunteer of the Red Cross to deepen the knowledge of basic information of the rescuer and on the management of injuries, to provide an additional tool to take care of oneself and others.

Zambon People