We take care of our people


Benvivere is our corporate philosophy. It is our way of being and of experiencing the company as a place for personal and professional growth.



Benvivere is a whole world of activities, services, and projects.
An Open Community with a shared sense of belonging and a strong identity. This is how Zambon looks after its people.


I cinque petali del Benvivere

The five petals of Benvivere

Culture, Community, Well-being, Sports, and Membership are the five areas in which Zambon cares for its people.

The Benvivere spaces

Over time, this corporate project has been developed with new common spaces, in which people can be free to experience and "breathe in" the Benvivere philosophy.

These are comfortable and pleasant places, which are conceived to foster interaction and productive cooperation among people.

Therefore, symbols, colors and messages are the common features shared by all Benvivere spaces in every country in the world where we have premises.

Work with us

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Work with us

Zambon is always on the lookout for motivated, brilliant and enthusiastic people who are eager to start a career in a leading company  in the pharmaceutical industry, Italian and international scene.