Zcube: Modern Health Solutions

Zcube: Modern Health Solutions


The Group's research venture, actively exploring innovative solutions for patient health


Zcare develops integrated High-tech and High-touch solutions to transform disease management into a caring experience.

open accelerator

Open Accelerator

Open Accelerator is the “made-in-Italy” acceleration program that offers a 12-week acceleration path for financing innovative ideas in the field of life sciences.


OpenZone: a community of innovators who aim to push life sciences forward

OpenZone is a scientific campus created by Zambon with the mission of building a business environment that fosters the exchange of knowledge and experience and the establishment of collaboration in the area of life sciences.

Today, OpenZone has 15,500 m2 of office space, 7,500 m2 of laboratory space and 1,600 m2 of GMP laboratory space; it is also host to more than 20 biotechnology and life sciences companies.

Thanks to a visionary development plan, signed by Michele De Lucchi, by 2020 OpenZone will double in size and will be affirmed as a place where science meets industry, where scientific skills join with entrepreneurship and where research is transformed into a company. It is no coincidence that the payoff is always ‘Science Oxy.gen Business’.