The Fondazione Zoé

The Zoé Foundation


The Zoé Foundation - Zambon Open Education is dedicated to improving communication in the healthcare sector.

The mission of Zoé Foundation - Zambon Open Education is that of training doctors, patients, pharmacists and communication professionals in order to go beyond the current limitations of communication about health care matters, reaching the public by means of new communication strategies, fostering a health care culture based on knowledge and information.


Fondazione Zoé activities

Fondazione ZoéZambon Open Education, established in 2008, deals with improving communication in health care environments, with the aim of fostering a culture of well-being and quality of life based on the principles of knowledge, awareness and information.

The activities of Zoé are addressed to the public, by means of a year-round program of conferences, cultural events, training courses, publications, exhibitions and volunteer work.

Visit the official website of Fondazione Zoé to learn more about its work and activities, and to be updated on all the latest developments.