Gli stabilimenti  farmaceutici di Zambon

Zambon's pharmaceutical facilities

Our pharma plants

Zambon's pharmaceutical production takes place at the Vicenza plant in Italy, Cadempino in Switzerland, Haikou in China and Barueri in Brazil.

Each plant provides high-value products and services, based on operational excellence and perfect performance. As of the end of 2018, our plants supply 87 countries throughout the world.


Virtual Plant

Since 2010, alongside our production plants, we have had a Virtual Plant – a specific, innovative administrative model that covers contract production activities from around the world.

195,2 Mil

Total production by Zambon plants in 2019

217 Mil

Number of production units to be achieved in 2022 thanks to the growth strategy

Plant results

Our Plant Results
Plant Results

Industrial Business Operations

Our organizational structure comprises the following functions:

  • Industrial BD: the unit responsible for selling our available capacity
  • Global Quality: the unit responsible for ensuring the standardization and update of procedures among production facilities.
  • Global Engineering: the unit responsible for managing strategic projects (CAPEX) and supervising Wcom activity.
  • Supply Chain: the unit responsible for managing everything related to production demand.
Tolling & Trading Business

Contract production continues to be a strategic business that contributes to the growth of Zambon 

The purpose of Tolling & Trading is to achieve 50 Mil production units in 2022.

Tolling & Trading
Tommaso Rossi
Industrial Business Development