Our history


A multinational company founded on the history of an innovative Italian family-owned enterprise

1906, Vicenza: the Zambon story begins

The first step on the path that would lead to the "Zambon world” took place in Italy at the start of the 20th century. On November 11, 1906, Gaetano Zambon, with a degree in pharmacy and varied experience in the chemical products business, partnered with Silvio Farina to establish the "Zambon Medicinal Warehouse” in Vicenza. 

The start of industrial production

In the 1920s, the company started to produce galenic formulations, and in 1933 the manufacturing cycle was completed with the synthesis of raw materials. After the plant was destroyed by bombing in World War II, in 1946 a new, larger, more functional plant was opened, accommodating 500 production employees and 50 researchers. That was the starting point of industrial production of pharmaceuticals, thanks to significant acceleration in research. 

The post-war renaissance

In the post-war years, the baton was passed to Alberto Zambon, who moved the company's headquarters from Vicenza to Bresso (Milan), intensified research and permanently abandoned galenic formulation in order to focus on industrial production. Alberto understood the importance of “proprietary” products, the fruit of internal research, and the need to find new markets. In the 1950s, he started to expand the group in Europe and overseas, with the first industrial facility in Brazil in 1956.

Expansion in Europe and around the World

From the 1960s, with the opening of a subsidiary in Barcelona, Zambon adopted a bold strategy of internationalization, a process that is ongoing to this day. This expansion saw the group’s presence grow through the establishment of facilities not only in the major European countries, but also in South America (Brazil and Colombia) and the Far East (Indonesia, China and India).

Zambon today

More than one hundred years after its inception, the Zambon Group is a multinational institution that is present in 87 countries and has nearly three thousand employees throughout the world. In the new millennium, several innovative projects have come to life in the Zambon world, such as the Zcube Research Venture, the Fondazione Zoé, the Benvivere philosophy and the OpenZone scientific campus.