Virtual Plant: un modello gestionale innovativo

Virtual Plant: an innovative management model

Virtual Plant

Virtual Plant

The Virtual Plant is a specific, innovative management model that brings together contract production from around the world within a centralized organization. 

Twenty-seven contract manufacturers around the world are integrated into a solid network. They are concerned with ensuring quality, guaranteeing supply, maintaining market competitiveness and always responding to and in line with the time to market and market requirements.

Our management model

The virtual plant is a structure that was created in 2010 in response to an increasingly urgent need to manage outsourced production.

It is a management model that deals with the verification of both new and established Zambon products, ensuring their quality, reliability of supply and cost effectiveness. 

Strategic objectives

  • Ensure outsourced product availability in a timely fashion, for the right price and ensuring quality at all times.


  • Ensure business continuity by creating back-up or alternative supply sources for the production of strategic products. 


  • Support Zambon production site efficiency by reducing production complexity within Zambon sites. 

12 Mio

Units produced in 2021

141 Mio

Global sales


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