Supplier Qualification

Supplier Qualification

The Procurement Mission

Our mission is to identify, develop and support Zambon's business ambitions; to be a trusted business consultant; to drive supplier innovation; to provide analysis; to protect the business from risks with an “agile”, smart, and specialized staff.

We believe in the importance of collaborative relationships to identify new innovative approaches and optimize the economic conditions in order to obtain a higher standard of service, which can help us to build and grow our common business activities.

Do you want to be qualified as a potential supplier in our SAP Ariba Tool?

  • How to qualify for Zambon:
  1. Link to SAP Ariba tool to complete supplier self-nomination: "click here"
  2. Evaluation and approval of the application by Zambon
  3. In case of positive feedback, and after the completion of the qualification, possibility of being invited to the Zambon sourcing processes

SAP ARIBA guides to Sourcing & Tender processes

"How to use the Tool"

  • Guide to support suppliers in the registration process
DownloadSupplier registration manual - ENG
DownloadFAQ - ENG
DownloadSupplier registration manual - GER
DownloadFAQ - GER
DownloadSupplier registration manual - SPA
DownloadFAQ - SPA
DownloadSupplier registration manual - POR
DownloadFAQ - POR
DownloadSupplier registration manual - FRA
DownloadFAQ - FRA
  • Guide to support suppliers in the tender participation process
DownloadCommercial RFP Manual
DownloadTechnical RFP Manual
DownloadTechnical and Commercial RFP Manual
  • Guide to support suppliers in the auction participation process
DownloadAuction with Ranking Manual
DownloadBest Bid Auction Manual

At this moment, the qualification is open only for suppliers who want to apply for Europe and Brasil.