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2022 Value Report

The new Zambon Value Report is now online!

Discover the goals achieved and the key initiatives put in place by our Group to INNOVATING CURE & CARE TO MAKE PATIENTS’ LIVES BETTER.

We've carried out many projects in 2022 and many more are being developed during this 2023, rich in value and values to take us forward over the next 117 years.


Life Enhanced

At Zambon, we know the big difference between living and truly living.

Since 1906, we have been innovating cure and care to make patients’ lives better. To help patients value every single moment.


Innovating Cure & Care to make patients’ lives better

The group
We are a modern health care company, founded on the history and values of an Italian family, with ambitious plans for growth
Zambon Pharma

Zambon Pharma

Zambon Pharma

A pharmaceutical multinational company committed to improve patients’lives.

Zach System

Zach System

Zach System

A company that develops and produces Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and advanced intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry.




Zcube, Zambon research venture, works to identify and develop modern solutions to improve patients’ lives, based on the use of digital technologies to be used alongside traditional therapies




OpenZone is the scientific campus dedicated to Health created by Zambon to build bridges and to encourage partnerships and the exchange of knowledge in Healthcare.

Fondazione Zoé


Zoé Foundation - "Zambon Open Education” - wants to contribute to the development of knowledge and to the exchange of information in the field of health and well-being, enhancing a proper communication.



Million euros in revenues


People around the world


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Zambon's values are the foundation and distinctive symbol of our company

Business scenarios change, and so our organization has to change. Whatever our path, we firmly believe that our tradition is valid for the future: our values.


Benvivere is the philosophy that guides Zambon’s ideas and activities as a company: a place for both professional and personal growth. It all started with the objective of improving the quality of life and work of Zambon's staff, making common spaces more pleasant and comfortable, encouraging conversation and relationships among staff and offering new opportunities to express their creativity.

Health & Quality Factory: a scientific center that promotes health, science and innovation

A key science hub aimed at fostering dialogue among industry, researchers and university. A place for relationships, training, debate and cultural, social and scientific growth.

Museo Zambon: know the past in order to build the future

The Zambon Museum is a path built on stories and principles that allows visitors become fully immersed in our history. It recounts courage and interdependence, an ongoing journey that is continually renewed while maintaining its intrinsic heritage. Discover the roots of the company and the best way to plot a path for the future.