Ricerca e sviluppo di Zach System

Zach System’s Research and Development

Zach System

The R&D group at Zach System offers technologies such as FBRM PAT for real-time granulometric control in crystallization processes and powder characterization techniques (PSD, DSC, TGA, RAMAN, FT-IR, flowability) 

Research strengths that are patently obvious

We are committed to ensuring that our expertise creates added value for our customers by reducing cycles and development costs.

A proven track record in innovation

  • We develop, implement and protect technological innovation
  • We are dedicated to developing and implementing new and economic processes for producing APIs, GMP intermediates and Regulated Starting Materials

A philosophy of partnership-based research and development

  • We provide research support that integrates innovative thinking, advanced technology and close relations with customers

New ways for synthesis through:

  • The assessment of effects of the thermal process
  • Replacement of hazardous raw materials
  • Cryogenic equipment
  • Applications of green chemistry  


  • We apply innovative approaches to synthesis, providing our customers the highest levels of science, industrial technology and innovation
  • We constantly evaluate and adopt new technologies in chemical synthesis
  • We maintain a high level of reliability and quality in order to cultivate relationships with customers and suppliers
  • We optimize synthesis and purification processes
  • We are organized for evaluating projects and for tech transfer, with full access to the major databases of chemistry and process chemistry
  • We continuously evaluate the patent literature and work in full respect of intellectual property