Our Innovative Attitude

Our focus on innovation

People are at the center of our digital strategy

Zambon places "People" at the center of its digital transformation strategy, valuing the potential of every member of staff, so that everybody within the organization can contribute to innovation.

To us, innovation means a kind of focus that enables us to make a difference every day and prepare ourselves to tackle the future.

Digital readiness and ability to innovate

Zambon has launched a global program aimed at identifying the digital readiness and innovation potential of its staff by means of an engaging online game, Digital Check Up, which is aimed at the entire company.



Employees living in 15 countries and speaking 9 languages engaged

Over 60%

Of our employees have been confirmed ready to implement our company's digital transformation

Digital school, training for innovation

Innovation requires training, and this is why Zambon has launched the Digital School: a training program for all its employees that is aimed at developing digital skills and an innovative mindset.

The School provides 4 programs, which are differentiated based on the results of the Digital Check Up, as well as learning tests aimed at certifying the skills acquired.

The School aims to support our organization in acquiring strategic skills for the digital transformation.