Partnering with Zambon

Who we are

A modern multinational company with ambitious growth projects

We are a modern multinational chemical-pharmaceutical company founded on the history and values of an innovative Italian family-owned enterprise with ambitious growth and development projects.
Today we are present in 87 countries on 5 continents.
Our partners share with us the same aspiration: taking care of people's health by continuing to innovate.

Business development

Our expertise in the business development

We have subsidiaries across Western Europe, though our know-how and experience also extend to markets such as China, Russia, Brazil and Colombia, where we have a direct presence.

La nostra expertise nel business development

Our capabilities

Know-how Regolatorio e Market Access

Market access and regulatory know-how

We actively cooperate with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and with European national regulatory authorities, with the FDA in the US, the ANVISA in Brazil, and the CFDA in China. We have in-depth knowledge of regulatory and Market Access matters in 20 countries.

Commercial and marketing excellence

Commercial and marketing excellence

We are present in Western Europe, Russia, Brazil and China, specializing in the Central Nervous System, Respiratory Health and Rare Diseases.

Manufacturing excellence

Manufacturing excellence

Four manufacturing plants approved by EMA, FDA, ANVISA, SWISSMEDIC and Chinese FDA producing high quality finished products, as well as a Virtual Plant handling over 80 Contract Manufacturing Organizations throughout the world.



We use medical devices and cutting-edge technologies to optimize the administration of inhalation drugs as well as to develop Home Care assistance and support programs for patients.

Partnering in

Why partner with Zambon

Added values for a potential partner to choose Zambon are:

  • Private, family owned company
  • Fast decision taking
  • Long term commitment
  • Consolidated experience in partner relationships
  • More than a century of experience in the pharmaceutical industry
  • A capillary commercial presence in Europe, Russia, Brazil and China
Partnering in
Partnering out

What we have to offer

We constantly evaluate new partnering opportunities for our entire portfolio for countries where our products are currently not marketed.

We work side by side with our partners so that we can maximize business opportunities together, pursuing goals in an efficient, effective, balanced and timely manner.

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What we offer

Therapeutic Areas

We are looking for products in:

  • Neurology, with a particular interest in Parkinson’s disease;
  • Severe respiratory disorders;
  • Rare Diseases (excluding oncology)
  • Device / delivery technology

We are interested in opportunities from clinical phase to in-market products.


We are open to a range of partnering structures and geographies, including both global and regional deals.


We are interested in products and solutions that complement a Patient Centric approach to healthcare. This includes device technologies that can enhance current and future portfolio products, such as: 

  • Improving drug delivery
  • Improved diagnostics
  • Remote patient monitoring and disease management
Collaboration opportunities

Zambon is committed to collaborating with a broad range of pharmaceutical and biotech companies from all over the world

Business Development Department
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